Sunday, April 12, 2009

- last call for the sales!!!! -

hey chics,

we are having a great sales clearance on all items at the moment!!!! come and grab everything which is worth more than that. the purpose of having this sales clearance is to clear off our current stocks at the lower price. besides that, new stocks are coming in somewhere in this month.. please check out on us and grab!!!! :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Thanks for the review by Shopping Bible!

More to come! Stay on chicks! =D

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Dear all babes!
Thanks for supporting us all this time!
So its time to reward all of you! Yes, all of you!
So, for all the items below, u can get it with 15% for ur first piece, followed by 20% for the second piece!
isnt it a great deal? You can now take the advantage and buy more to get more great deals!
So if u buy more than 4 pieces or above, a discount of 25% for all pieces are yours!
Dont hesistate anymore! Ask ur sisters, cousins, brother's bf, mom, friends, buddies. Anyone who loves shopping!
Or u can buy it for ur loved ones as there are so many festivals coming up!
Come one, grab it now!

*lil note for preview: there will be another casual badge of dress coming up! they are really gorgeous! Stay Tune Babe! =D

Saturday, March 14, 2009

beach on air.

Spaghetti Beach Dress (D-005) Rm 39

Its all year summer right here. Getting a feel of the sun shine, the wind wit bits of the sea, isn't it a great idea? One more thing, a piece of dress like above would a perfect need of the beach trip! a simple n casual spaghetti dress with a tight cut at the bottom to draw up ur shape line! wat are u waiting for? grab it!
colours available: apple green, yellow, pink, white and black

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

~ f-e-m-i-n-i-ne go ~

Knitted Hoodie (O-001) RM40

an outerwear with a hoodie, normally give you a fresh and sporty appearance. but with this knitted double-breasted hoodie, besides warmth, you will feel the sense of femininity plus a little sweetness fall on you too.

Colours : Black, White
Size : free (look great in size m)

Ribby Knitted Long Top (O-002) RM38

flaunt your lean silhouette by putting on this knitted long top with banded hem, which not only flattering the figure and it adds height too!!!
a ribbon around the neckline to enhance feminity!!!

Colours : Black, Grey, Pink (sold), Turquoise
Size : Free

Lacey Top (T-004) RM40

as usual, lacey garments always show the girlish side and bring out the 'princess' look. however, lacey garments are able transfromed into bad-girl and night with appropriate jewellery and separates.
throw on this lacey top with a pair of denim or a flowery miniskirt, it will present your femine side angelicly.
pair this lacey top with some crystal jewels and a skinny bottom, it will into 'bad-girl' at night!!

Colour : White
Size : S

Top with crochet detail (T-005) RM40

the soft, fluid chiffon does not merely provide the erotic sensation, it enhances the feminine side of you.
a white chiffon top with crochet detail will give you an elegant look. pair this top with a denim bottom and t-bar heels.
simple and elegant go!!

Colour : White
Sizes : S, M, L

One-Shoulder Dress (D-004) RM49

this off-shoulder dress highlights your shoulder without giving away too much.
grab this dress to a party to draw attention to your face, shoulder and bust line. remember to leave ur hair up with a tousled updo!!

Colours : Black, Purple, Turqouise
Size : Free (UK 8)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

~ Grand Opening ~

Hello chics! This is our very first badge of cloths for sale. In order to celebrate the very first beat of fashy hitz. There will be discount of 5% on every purchase of RM 60 and above. Followed by discount of 10% on purchase of RM 120. So go on and take a pick. Ask your beloved ones, sisters and friends to tagged along and get the discounts! Stop hesitating! Come on and grab it!
More trendy garments will be updated frequently!!!

Ruffled Top (t-001)- Rm 43

a simple ruffled top which is classic and fuss-free that u can just throw on for effortless style. u could wear to work without missing a beat of fashion sense.

colours : black(available!) and maroon(sold!)
size : free size (fits s-m)

casual jacket- rm 56 (J-001)

this is more than an ordinary one. the button on the shoulder and the sleeve is the tip! the button!!!

colour : grey

size : free size (fits s-m)

status: sold!

halter graphic - RM44 (D-001)

if there is one piece that u can throw on within seconds but still look fashionable, printed dress will be the right one!!

always remember that peer-shaped frames look great on halter-necks by drawing attention to the upper body!!!

believe it or not. it works! walk out wit all ur confidence and enjoy the envy by others. =)

colours: grey and blue
size: free

Semi tube top- RM 32 (T-002)

a sexy tube top which carries a slight sense of formality. mix and match go!!
From pale-white skin to flesh-metal skin, will look great on it!!!

colours: white, blue, grey
size: S, M
Status: white s (sold!), m (sold!)
blue s (sold!) ,m
grey s (sold!), m

satin tube dress- rm 43 (D-002)

love the versatility of the strapless tubes? throw on a piece of this little sweet tube dress by a classy satin, and grab an embellish clutch along!!
time to stand out for a casual dinner party?

Colours : Black, Purple, Brown

Sizes : S, M

Shift dress - RM 56 (D-003)

not knowing what to wear for work? interns?
come on, here you go! There's nothing sexier than the LBD. A piece of fitting work dress with belt that out stand your gorgoeous figures at your work place and a deadly chic look. Go on and distract ur colleagues! =D

Colour: Grey and Black

Size: XS (UK 4) , S (UK 6)

Status: Grey xs (available!), s (sold)

Black: xs (available!), s (sold!)

measurement: (xs) pit to pit - 35.5cm

length- 85.5cm

waist: 35.5 cm

(s) pit to pit - 37.5 cm

length - 86.5 cm

waist -37cm

Sleeveless ribby top- RM 38 (T-003)

a sleeveless top with vertical satin ribbons detail, which is able to present all ur perfections. a pair of denim will go great with this top with a pair of heels. With the in-or-out ribbons and smocked back, you're like a gift that attracts everyone's attention!

colour: grey and black

size: free (fits UK 4 to 6)

Clincher - rm 26

Fed up bout those pinning belts? Forget about that! Here we found the buttons one!

Colour: red (available!) and black (sold!)

measurement: 24 inches