Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Thanks for the review by Shopping Bible!

More to come! Stay on chicks! =D

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Dear all babes!
Thanks for supporting us all this time!
So its time to reward all of you! Yes, all of you!
So, for all the items below, u can get it with 15% for ur first piece, followed by 20% for the second piece!
isnt it a great deal? You can now take the advantage and buy more to get more great deals!
So if u buy more than 4 pieces or above, a discount of 25% for all pieces are yours!
Dont hesistate anymore! Ask ur sisters, cousins, brother's bf, mom, friends, buddies. Anyone who loves shopping!
Or u can buy it for ur loved ones as there are so many festivals coming up!
Come one, grab it now!

*lil note for preview: there will be another casual badge of dress coming up! they are really gorgeous! Stay Tune Babe! =D

Saturday, March 14, 2009

beach on air.

Spaghetti Beach Dress (D-005) Rm 39

Its all year summer right here. Getting a feel of the sun shine, the wind wit bits of the sea, isn't it a great idea? One more thing, a piece of dress like above would a perfect need of the beach trip! a simple n casual spaghetti dress with a tight cut at the bottom to draw up ur shape line! wat are u waiting for? grab it!
colours available: apple green, yellow, pink, white and black